How You Can Get Bitcoin For Free?

Are you aware that you can earn free Bitcoins simply by shopping on specific sites, taking surveys, or even watching ads? Even while you may be enamored by the Bitcoin, you might not have what it takes to earn additional cryptos as much as you would want to. In such a situation, you can explore some of these options that allow you to earn Bitcoins for free. Not many people know of these methods; for instance, you could start lending cryptos if you already have some or become an affiliate marketer to add to your kitty. One of the best ways to make Bitcoins is through Bitcoin trading. Though we cannot earn bitcoin for free, it does take a small investment that may be multiplied in a short period of time. There are platforms, such as crypto superstar app, that automate the trading process and provide a high possibility of profit.

Best Ways to Earn Bitcoins for Free:

  1. Shopping: This can be the best news for shopaholics; apart from using Bitcoins to buy new stuff, you can now actually get paid to shop. All you need is to register on a Bitcoin-cashback service such as Lolli. So, every time you purchase an item from any of the sites under Lolli, you get rewarded in free Bitcoins. You will be surprised to know that big retailers like Best Buy, Macy’s, Walmart, and Marriott are its merchant partners. You must download Lolli’s browser extension to get your cash-back. When your purchase has been confirmed by the retailer and Lolli, you get your rewards. Once your balance reaches $15, you are free to withdraw from your Lolli account. You will also be glad to know that Lolli even offers you additional Bitcoins for referrals. Like Lolli, Pei is an app offering you the chance to earn free Bitcoins through your smartphones.
  2. Crypto interest account: Many investors are keen to hold onto their coins for the long-term. During this period, why not start drawing interest by lending your Bitcoins? So, you can actually use your own Bitcoins to earn more Bitcoins through a BlockFi Interest Account, for instance; BIA will let you earn almost 8% yearly interests. Crypto lending is therefore a good option for building interest and you can get started with an account in less than a few minutes.
  3. Crypto mining: This has always been a secure option to earn more coins. Miners will use specialized equipment to solve complex mathematical problems in order to earn rewards. They confirm validity of transactions and once they solve a block successfully, they are rewarded with Bitcoins. The serious miners use ASIC machines that are designed for handling the computing demands of mining. You can reach out to NiceHash or Honeyminer for downloading their software to start mining Bitcoins at home.
  4. Take surveys: You can simply sign up for taking surveys on certain sites to earn free Bitcoins. Survey companies like Time Bucks offer such opportunities and you will get the chance to choose your surveys. Besides surveys, Time Bucks even pays Bitcoins for watching videos, taking polls, playing games, installing apps, or doing web searches.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: You can become an affiliate marketer to start earning free cryptos. For instance, when you already have an online following, why not put it to good use? You can earn extra money by directing your followers and friends to engage in business with companies that will reward you for these new contacts. Your followers simply have to click on a URL that you get from the merchant whose affiliate marketing program you have signed up for. This URL tracks all purchases made by your friends and then credits your account accordingly. Both Coinbase and BlockFi have popular affiliate programs that help you earn free Bitcoins.